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The Dow Jones; 28 (Thousand) and Up

Having recently powered through to an all-time high of 28000, the DJIA is going from strength to strength; but with US-China trade debacle continuing to trundle on, will this index continue to rise or is it all going to come tumbling down?

A Future For the US-China Trade Deal?

It's been a positive week for the US-China trade deal, but what other important information is there out of the two parties? Covering US consumer comfort and a swath of Chinese Data, Beat Nussbaumer looks at how these impact the markets.

Beyond Meat

Today we’re going to take a look at a recently IPO’d company that is putting meat on the bone in its revolutionary industry.

It’s books have been grilled and there’s no need to plant any stories. The IPO was a success, so this company is definitely not a nothingburger.