iBC Trivia Night

As promised, we interrupt the Weekend Top 100 for a little iBC Trivia.

Look, Fly is on vacation, if I’m going to get Headline power here at iBC, I am going to milk it. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity for one such as myself, and as my main man Raul so eloquently put it, #YOLO. Speaking of Raul, #FF shout out to him.

Let’s just hope I don’t get fired.

Trivia questions will begin at 11:15pm ET, winners get free iBC swag.



Question 1: Who did @ChessNwine face off against in the May 2010 tabbed blogger election to earn his tab here at iBankCoin?

Question 2: Before the blogger network here at iBankcoin, what was the name of the place where guest bloggers could write blog posts and contribute to the site?