Trump to the GOP: Thanks for the nomination, see ya later

Hot off the press:

Donald Trump reversed himself on a major policy plank Wednesday as he told reporters he now backs a $10-an-hour federal minimum wage, breaking with years of Republican orthodoxy and his party’s own platform.

“The minimum wage has to go up,” he said at a tumultuous news conference, saying it should go up to $10 from $7.25. He did say that “states should really call the shot,” but “at the same time, people have to be taken care of.”

Asked if he meant the federal minimum wage has to go up to $10 in a followup question, Trump indicated yes. “Federal,” he clarified.

Gee, I wonder what other GOP ideas he’ll drop, now that he has the nomination.

I’ll say this, if Trump is elected we can look forward to 4 years of nonstop comedy. The Onion will become the newspaper of record.  If you don’t believe me, check out this Trump press conference.  

PS.  My sister (who knows many more words than I do), recently taught me another: