Legal sports betting a new opportunity for Worldpay, says Morgan Stanley

Mrgan Staney anayst Vasundhara Gvi, wh ntes that Wrdpay has a eading share in nine gaming, said she sees sprts betting egaizatin f as a new revenue pprtunity fr Wrdpay that may be ess meaningfu in near-term but has the ptentia t grw ver time. Sprts betting has the ptentia t be a 1-2% revenue taiwind ver time, said Gvi, wh added that she beieves the cmpany’s new authrizatin sutin prduct – AuthMax – cud be significanty mre meaningfu in the nearer term. She thinks AuthMax is ikey incuded in Wrpay’s 2018 guidance, but beieves it cud be a mre meaningfu revenue cntributr in 2019 and 2020, she tes investrs. Gvi increased her price target n Wrdpay t $95 frm $94 and keeps an Overweight rating n the shares.