Cannabis: This is the Hottest CBD Market Trend of 2019

The CBD retail boom is upon us.

As cannabis-infused products find their way onto the shelves of major retailers, analysts believe the trend provide a significant catalyst.
“We have seen a high level of interest in cannabis beauty from retailers over the past month based on our store checks and incremental launches. We expect further retailer developments in the coming months,” noted analysts at Piper Jaffray, as quoted by CNBC.
In fact, Piper Jaffray believes the CBD market alone could be worth up to $100 billion.
“Experts believe CBD consumer sales could reach $2 billion by 2022,” said Nik Modi, an analyst with RBC Capital Markets, as quoted by CSP Daily News.
All as people around the world wake up to the health benefits of cannabis, including the treatment of insomnia, stress, anxiety, pain, and even chronic issues.
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