NY Governor Cuomo says U.S. House proposed a ‘good bill’

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo delivered his daily COVID-19 briefing, during which he reported 157 virus deaths in the state yesterday vs. 166 deaths the previous day. The governor noted that the rate of hospitalizations per day in the state continues to decline and the number of new cases of the virus statewide is “much, much” better than it was before. Cuomo said that a phased reopening doesn’t mean that the problem has gone away. Looking to local governments, the governor said that such governments should be diligent about business and individual compliance and that they should “react immediately” if any relevant numbers change. Cuomo also reiterated that the state is in a “$61B hole” and that it needs money to fund schools, hospitals, local governments, police officers, and firefighters. He added that the U.S. House proposed a “good bill” because it includes state and local aid, funding for testing, and repeals cap on SALT to help states most affected by COVID-19. In addition, Cuomo said that he and Governor Hogan yesterday called on $500B in federal aid for states. Commenting on equipment, Cuomo said that we need to make emergency medical equipment available in the U.S, including masks, gowns, drugs, ventilators, and tests. Cuomo noted that he is “aggressively” courting businesses to build and manufacture medical equipment in New York. Looking at COVID-related illnesses, he noted that the Department of Health is now investigating 110 cases of what may be a rare COVID-related illness in children.