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A Buyer’s Guide to Evaluating Quality in Mental Health Care

Author: Lyra Health, Inc.

As the market continues to change rapidly each day, with everything from the pandemic to Reddit coming into play, it only adds to the stress on your firm. You and your employees are just trying to keep your head above water and even pre-pandemic 2 out of 3 financial services professionals reported work-related mental health issues. Your teams work hard and the right support can make a huge difference to their productivity and well-being.

Download this guide now to learn how you can make mental health a top priority for your firm, and provide quality support that will actually help your workforce. This includes how to evaluate possible programs by looking for:

  • A commitment to evidence-based care
  • Quality measurement with data, including ROI
  • Comprehensive care for every need
  • And more…

The stress created by the events of 2020 is not going away, and if early 2021 is any indicator, it could only grow. Take steps now to protect you and your employees.

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