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Surprise & Delight: Building Customer Loyalty with Thoughtful Action

Author: Advisor Group

In this time when it’s difficult to create meaningful connections with clients and prospects, finding ways to nurture these relationships and enhance loyalty is key. Implementing a process that shows you care about what’s important to them can make a major difference. This is called “Surprise & Delight” and it can have a direct impact on retention and referrals.

Download this guide now to learn more about the “Surprise and Delight” process and how you can make it work for your firm. Topics discussed include:

  • Ways to make communications more personal
  • How to make each client feel like a VIP
  • Why automation can help create positive experiences
  • A plethora of ideas to use to “Surprise & Delight”

Ensure your clients know you care – put a process in place that helps you deliver superior service every year.

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