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Market Euphoria: How Long Can it Last?

Author: Stephen Cucchiaro, President & Chief Investment Officer, 3EDGE Asset Management

Signs of market euphoria are everywhere. Animal spirits are running hotter now than during the last market peak just before the coronavirus-induced lockdowns began.

In this latest white paper, 3EDGE Asset Management’s President & CIO, Steve Cucchiaro, explores the following topics:

  • How overvalued markets can continue to rise for far longer than rational investors generally expect until a catalyst intervenes.
  • Can evaluating current market conditions in a historical context provide perspective and help to see the forest from the trees?
  • What are the early warning signs that could foreshadow the next bear market?

Download the paper, Market Euphoria: How Long Can it Last? to learn how 3EDGE uses its proprietary research model of the global capital markets to seek to identify when the risks of a correction are heightened.

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