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Is Your Cost Of Living Creating Money Problems?

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Top Mega And Large Cap Household & Personal Products Searches This Month

Rank Name Searches
#1 Procter & Gamble 18,340
#2 Clorox Company 5,309
#3 Unilever 3,612
#4 Coty 3,603
#5 Kimberly-Clark 3,405

On A Quest For Extra Income

Amid a weak, though showing signs of life stock market and high inflation, cash is king. 

Fearing a recession, some investors seek income. For the record, Bloomberg now estimates a 38% chance the U.S. economy will go into a recession within the next year. 

To deal with rising prices, some of us alter our budgets. We address the personal finance part in a second, but first we update one of the most popular ways investors generate extra cash in their portfolios. 

Dividend Aristocrats List Updated

The folks at Sure Dividend have updated their handy dividend aristocrats list. 

As you might recall, dividend aristocrats are S&P 500 stocks that have increased their dividend payouts every year for at least 25 consecutive years. The Juice details some of the reasons why we like dividend aristocrats here

Reliability, Consistency, Growth

It’s nice to know you can rely on the dividends you receive to not only come consistently, but grow steadily over time. Particularly if you plan on living off of them, totally or in part, now or in the future. 

It doesn’t get much more reliable or consistent than the top three dividend aristocrats in terms of years of dividend increases. 

Dover Corp (DOV), Genuine Parts (GPC), and Procter & Gamble (PG) all have increased their dividends for 66 straight years. They’re followed a close second by Emerson Electric (EMR) at 65 years and 3M (MMM) at 64 years. 

A Quick Warning

Dividend increases alone do not make a solid investment. 

Consider the following comparison: 

Source: Google Finance

Over the last year, 3M is off 35%. This brings its dividend yield to roughly 4.6%. Doesn’t make it a yield trap, however you must weigh capital preservation in relation to stock price against the income you receive. Your timeline and faith in the stock price turning around soon enough ultimately dictates your decision in this situation. 

Meantime, Procter & Gamble has crushed it on both ends, making the decision to own the stock for growth and income much easier. 

Speaking of income. Scroll with us…

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Personal Finance

Is Your Cost Of Living Creating Money Problems?

Key Takeaways:

  • Want or need to give yourself a raise? Cut your personal expenses.  
  • With cost of living skyrocketing across the country, you might be looking to make a cut. 
  • Sometimes moving to a new city can have the most dramatic impact. 


If you’ve determined your cost of living has spun out of control, you might feel the need to move to a new, less expensive city. 

There’s a website called Numbeo that can help you make a decision. Warning: It’s an addictive platform. You can spend hours there running the numbers. Not that The Juice did anything of the sort.  

Anyhow, consider notoriously expensive San Francisco.

Those lists that tell us where people leaving San Francisco – minus their hearts – move to often include Austin, Texas, and, somewhat surprisingly, Salt Lake City, Utah.

The Numbeo comparison between San Francisco and these two places shows why some people migrate to them. 

Dramatic, though even more pronounced when you compare San Francisco to Salt Lake City. 

Mind blown. 

Going finer grain. A combo meal at McDonald’s runs $11.00 in San Francisco, but just $8.50 in Salt Lake and $8.00 in Austin. 

A gallon of milk in San Francisco – $5.55. It’s $3.92 in Austin and a bargain basement $3.14 in Salt Lake. 

Housing Matters Most

We can nickel and dime all day on the price of a Big Mac. If you want to save serious cash in your budget, hit up your most expensive line time. 

That’s probably housing. 

Moving to Salt Lake City from San Francisco could cut this expense in half. Easily. 

It gets even crazier when you compare San Francisco to Austin on housing, particularly when you consider how much prices have increased over the years in Austin.

The Bottom Line: If you’re looking to lighten your overheard, you might be considering a move. Tons of resources exist to help you make a decision based on the numbers. 

Numbeo provides a good starting point, as stark differences exist between cities. Not just ultra-expensive San Francisco and the rest of the nation. Move from Austin to Buffalo, for example, and you’ll save, on average, 36% on rent in the city center or a whopping 78% if you choose to buy there. 

We’ve thrown a ton of data at you. Maybe we got you thinking. 

But we’re not going to Google “UHaul rates” for you. You have to do that yourself.

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