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The Most Popular Stocks Gen Z Owns

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How The Top Stocks Gen Z Owns Rank In Trackstar

#1AMC Entertainment1,773,639

Source: Morning Consult

People – especially older people (who are you looking at!?) – love to pick on Generation Z and millennials. 

Not us. Not The Juice

In fact, we enjoy tapping into what young people are doing in the world – particularly Gen Z – and relate it back to personal finance and investing. 

When you participate in this sociocultural exercise, you come upon some contradictions. Contradictions in the assumptions you might make about the 24-and-younger crowd. That is Generation Z. 

What In The Hell Is Bloomberg? 

For example, when you look at the chart at the top of the page, you’re probably not surprised that 37% of Gen Z adults have never heard of Bloomberg, which we’ll classify as the news organization not the terminal. It’s even less of a shock that 43% have never heard of The Associated Press

It took us a second to recall that AP still exists here in The Juice offices. If you remember UPI (that’s United Press International), you’re really old. 

Interestingly and somewhat surprisingly, Gen Z knows of conservative-leaning outlets, Fox News and the NY Post. Just 11% and 13% have never heard of Fox and the NY Post, respectively. You might have assumed otherwise. We definitely did. 

Then there’s the data you’d absolutely expect: 

A higher percentage of Gen Z adults use YouTube and Spotify to listen to podcasts. The older you are, the more likely you are to use satellite radio provider, Sirius XM, and terrestrial radio powerhouse, iHeart, as your podcast platform of choice. 

And, while YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram are more popular, a still robust 43% of Gen Z adults use Facebook at least once a day. At the same time, would you have guessed that north of 50% of Gen Z adults never use Twitch or Reddit?

The lesson here – don’t assume. It makes an “ass” out of “u” and “me”. 

The Juice wonders if Gen Z loves a good Dad joke from time to time? 

Anyhow, the most interesting data comes if you scroll with us. Preview: Gen Z investing isn’t all about meme stocks.

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The Most Popular Stocks Gen Z Owns

Key Takeaways:

  • Gen Z invests in a large number of traditional, even relatively conservative, dividend-paying stocks. Not just meme stocks.
  • Gen Z might have struck a nice balance between speculative and long-term investing. 
  • The most popular stocks among young people would make for a pretty sweet long-term portfolio. 


The other day The Juice differentiated between meme and mega cap stock investing, making the case for both options. When you think of young investors – particularly the ones who flooded the stock market during the pandemic – you might assume they’re exclusively buying meme stocks. 

Not so. 

A company called Apex FinTech Solutions puts out a quarterly report that lists the top 100 stocks among Generation Z.

A look at the top ten shows some meme stocks, but mostly big names: 

Source: Apex FinTech Solutions 

That’s as of the end of Q1, 2022. While we don’t have a graphic for it yet, there wasn’t much change in Q2. In fact, the top five stocks remain the same with some small movements thereafter. 

The Juice thought it’d be fun to see where the top five most popular holdings among Gen Z rank in terms of search interest across the universe of investors. So we hit up our proprietary Trackstar database of the tickers investors search for most. 

You can see those results at the top of the page. The top three in terms of Gen Z portfolio popularity show up in the top five for broader search interest. 

Anyhow, look down the list and you’ll see Gen Z owns a ton of blue chips, dividend payers and even stocks we might assume – there’s that word again – only “old people” own. 

It’s actually pretty cool. 

The so-called Tesla (TSLA) of China, NIO (NIO), sits between Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) and Berkshire Hathaway (BRK.B). Then there’s names you’d like young people have never heard of or hate. Like Ford (F), ExxonMobil (XOM), and Boeing (BA). And stocks super popular among retirees, such as AT&T (T) and the monthly dividend company, Realty Income (O)

Same type of mix right through #100. Relatively conservative names alongside brands we’d think of as cool and stocks we’d consider somewhat speculative. The Juice will delve into this list a bit more deeply in the coming weeks. 

The Bottom Line: When we all were forced to stay at home (remember that!?), a record number of investors started trading and investing in stocks. Individuals opened more than 10 million brokerage accounts in 2020 alone. 

And, while they traded meme stocks such as AMC and GameStop (GME), they also got into two other categories of stocks. Brands they love and names that have stood the test of time. Sometimes these are one and the same. 

However you slice it, this isn’t a bad way to approach investing. A little bit of everything, including some speculation. 

If you’re “old,” you can learn a lot from young investors. Or maybe they learned a lot from us. Not that we’re old over here or anything!



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