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Top Food Trends for 2023

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Top Restaurant Stock Searches This Month

#3Chipotle Mexican Grill513
#4Domino’s Pizza477
#5Restaurant Brands International346

The restaurant stock The Juice loved most in 2022 is also the one investors on Wall Street and Main Street searched for most, according to Trackstar, our proprietary sentiment indicator. 

And boy, did we love Starbucks (SBUX) hard in 2022. In this recent edition of The Juice, you can see part of our bull case and links to two of our biggest SBUX stories of the year. 

After a rough start to 2022, SBUX has come roaring back in the last six months.

Source: Google Finance 

And apparently there’s reason to be bullish on the entire restaurant space. 

We’ll admit this data shocked us when it came out the other day:

  • In November, restaurants and bars in the U.S. did more than $90 billion in sales. That’s a record high. 
  • They’re on pace to cross $1 trillion in annual sales for the first time ever. 

In October, we shared a primer on how to use ETFs (exchange-traded funds) to invest in the broad food and beverage space. You can read that here

As for what are poised to be 2023’s hottest dining-out trends, scroll with us.


Top Food Trends for 2023

Key Takeaways:

  • Some of 2023’s food trends, according to chef predictions, are boring. 
  • Many of them come down to saving money and eating/drinking healthier. 
  • The trends we haven’t heard of are, interestingly, going away. 


The National Restaurant Association (not that NRA!) asked a few hundred chefs what they predict will trend in 2023. 

And the results were less exciting than those 2022 sales figures we just showed you. 

We mean, c’mon, fried chicken sandwiches! 

Not sure about where you are, but here in Los Angeles, the fried chicken sandwich started trending about five years ago. Now it’s just a thing. One of the city’s go-to foods. 

Nevertheless, chefs rank chicken sandwiches, particularly fried and spicy ones, the #2 food trend for 2023. 

#1: The experience of community and local culture. So gathering with others and discovering the world through food. 

Rounding out the top five: 

  • #3: Charcuterie boards (really!)
  • #4: Comfort food (like always)
  • #5: Flatbread sandwiches and healthy wraps (yawn!)

Things actually get more exciting in the second half of the list:

  • #6: Menu streamlining (we’re down with this… and get rid of the QR codes while you’re at it)
  • #7: Sriracha variations
  • #8: Globally inspired salads
  • #9: Zero waste and sustainability (guess they’re not getting rid of the QR codes!)
  • #10: Southeast Asian cuisine 

Maybe more interesting and certainly more reflective of the times, this time-of-day breakdown of what’ll be hot in 2023: 

  • At breakfast: Value meals
  • At lunch: Chicken sandwiches (!)
  • At dinner: Less expensive cuts of meat, such as chicken thighs and pork shoulders

At breakfast and dinner, it’s all about saving a buck, which makes sense in our persistent inflationary environment. 

Then there are the food trends you can’t escape, no matter the year. The health-related ones. 

For example, chefs see alternative sweeteners (e.g., maple and coconut sugars) emerging at dessert and oat, nut, and seed milks gaining even more traction in the beverage space. 

The NRA report also has a cooling category. As in items that were more fads than long-term trends. Truth be told, we haven’t heard of many of these. 

For example, the #1 fad chefs cited: pickle pizza. 

We Googled it so you don’t have to: 


Source: Google/The Washington Post

Dill pickle pizza. Do we really lose much if it goes away? 

The other trends chefs think will disappear in 2023: 

  • #2: Breakfast salads
  • #3: Fried lasagna
  • #4: Balsamic cocktails
  • #5: Fruit-flavored coffee 
  • #6: Pickled french fries
  • #7: Ranch water
  • #8: Upscale pigs-in-a-blanket
  • #9: Name-brand snacks (restaurant recipes using retail brands)
  • #10: Crudité platters

Since we didn’t know most of these were a thing in 2022, if they go away in 2023, we didn’t miss a thing. 


The Bottom Line: Though we love reading about them and relaying them to you, we don’t know much about trendy foods. What we do know is that smaller-format stores, customization, mobile ordering, and digital rewards programs will get even bigger and more important to consumers in 2023 than they’ve been in 2022. 

If we’re right and we think we are that makes Starbucks our top pick in the broad restaurant space for 2023 too. Say what you want about the company, but it’s pretty impressive that a chain of coffee shops sets the tone for such a massive and wide-ranging industry that goes way beyond coffee.

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