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Using Trackstar Data To Find Solid Stocks And ETFs

Proprietary Data Insights

Financial Pros Top Stock and ETF Searches This Month

#1SPDR S&P 500 ETF2,429
#6Palantir Technologies Inc Cl A1,107
#8Invesco QQQ987
#9Advanced Micro Devices720
#10SoFi Technologies701
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Using Trackstar Data To Find Solid Stocks And ETFs

One of the benefits of signing up for our newsletters is access to data from Trackstar, our proprietary sentiment indicator. Trackstar tracks search interest among everyday investors as well as financial professionals across top financial media platforms. The power of this data helps us bring you stock and ETF ideas you might have otherwise missed. 

Sometimes Trackstar helps confirm what we already know. For example, Nvidia’s (NVDA) run and investor interest in the company is real. 

Over the last month, NVDA did something that once looked impossible. Among retail investors, it became the second most searched stock only behind Tesla (TSLA), passing third place Apple (AAPL) by a whopping 74,371 views. More impressive – and maybe more telling – NVDA became the most searched stock among financial pros with 2,067 views compared to Tesla’s 1,612 and Apple’s 1,442. 

To be honest, those top slots in Trackstar tend to be the least illuminating. They rarely change. So what Nvidia pulled off matters. In a big way. 

It’s the lesser known names – the ones that don’t get as much press – that really make the data shine. 

For example, the 7th most searched name – stock or ETF – among financial pros over the last month is Crocs (CROX). When our sister newsletter, The Spill, spotted Crocs surging in Trackstar, they wrote about it, giving it a 9/10 rating:

Financial pros found a great play.

Crocs expects substantial revenue growth yet trades at a compelling valuation.

Investors pushed this stock down with the rest of retail. However, as long as management continues to deliver, this stock could be a huge winner on the other side of a recession.

Since that edition of The Spill, Crocs has been pretty much range bound. However, we expect it to break out for many of the reasons The Spill noted, including its ultra low valuation, particularly when compared to bigger names such as Nike (NKE)

By a similar token, here at The Juice we have been fascinated by the changing nature of convenience stores. They have become increasingly popular, especially among younger consumers:

We’re all snacking more frequently. 

But people between 18 and 44 years old snack the most. More than half those Circana surveyed snack three-plus times per day. This age group also favors convenience stores. So the opportunity for companies such as Casey’s could be huge. Which is one reason we’re seeing convenience stores create more welcoming environments and expand their offerings beyond cigarettes, hot dogs, and lottery tickets.

We focused on Casey’s General Stores (CASY) in that installment. While we had heard of the company, we didn’t know it’s a convenience store chain and pretty much one of the few publicly-traded pure plays in the space. Plus, it has tons of room for growth, particularly if you’re a long-term investor. 

Surging interest by financial pros turned us onto Casey’s. 

But it’s not just stocks that Trackstar uncovers. It provides unique insight you can’t get anywhere else on ETFs. 

For example, last week in The Juice, we featured The Spill’s ETF play on AI – the VanEck Vectors Semiconductor ETF (SMH). Surging interest in SMH among financial pros in Trackstar made it clear that the best play on AI isn’t via a thematic AI ETF, but through a solid semiconductor fund. 


The Bottom Line: We live in a world where data rules pretty much all aspects of our lives. Sometimes this can be creepy. However, for investors, it’s one of the reasons we’re living in the golden age. The Juice and The Spill will continue to use Trackstar to help uncover stocks and ETFs that might not otherwise make it on your radar. 

When you subscribe to our newsletters, you receive a quarterly report with Trackstar insights on the most popular and surging stocks, ETFs and industries. So sign up for both newsletters if you’re not already and tell a friend.

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