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25 Best Dog Breeds for Children and Families

In this article, we take a look at the 25 best dog breeds for children and families. If you would like to skip our detailed analysis of the US pet industry and emerging trends, you can directly go to the 5 Best Dog Breeds for Children and Families

Dogs are the most commonly owned pet in the US, with more than 65.1 million homes having at least one. As of 2022, this makes up almost 44.5% of all US households, which is a significant chunk when it comes to other kinds of pets. As the number of homes with pets increases, so does the pet ownership cost.

According to a Forbes survey, dog owners spend an average of $730 on their dogs, almost half of which goes to veterinary care. If a dog develops sudden illnesses, the veterinary bills can be racked up to $1,000 and even more in some cases. Such unexpected costs lead to people demanding dog breeds that are not highly prone to developing medical issues, which is one of the critical factors that go into determining the best dog breeds for children and families

However, the advancing trend of having household pets has also led to the creation of multiple jobs in the pet industry, many of which can be acquired by the younger generation, such as dog-sitting.

Grand View Research estimated the global pet-sitting market to be at $1.94 billion in 2021 and and forecasted it to grow with a CAGR of almost 11% until 2030. These numbers showcase significant potential for employment in this market, which does not require specialized studies or degrees, making it much more accessible to everyone.

Moreover, as per Bureau of Labor Statistics,  overall employment in the animal care industry is expected to grow 16% from 2022 to 2032, with 79,900 job openings being projected for every year in the decade. According to Bloomberg, the overall pet industry is expected to grow to $500 billion by 2030, significantly boosted by higher spending on pet-related healthcare and premium pet food. 

Considering a market so conducive to growth, many pet-related corporations in the US have witnessed significant milestones in the previous years. Zoetis Inc. (NYSE:ZTS) is a Fortune 500 company that develops healthcare technologies for pets and other livestock animals. The company generated a revenue of $8.1 billion in 2022, showcasing the considerable revenue margin of pet healthcare.

The pet pharmaceutical market, as a whole, has the potential to reach $25 billion by 2030 as demands for pet healthcare improvements increase. Even for Zoetis Inc. (NYSE:ZTS), top company executives have confirmed their faith in the financial health of the company. The corporation generated a 6% revenue increase in the second quarter of 2023, as compared to the second quarter of 2022. Companies like Zoetis Inc. (NYSE:ZTS) are singlehandedly making significant contributions to the pet market in the US, making the lives of companion animals like dogs and, by proxy, their owners a lot easier. 

Another pet-related market that is showcasing significant growth is the pet food industry. As people continue to invest in high-quality, specialized food for their pets, the pet food market is expected to grow to $135 billion by the end of the current decade. This is where corporations like Chewy Inc. (NYSE:CHWY) are making a massive name for themselves by establishing a diverse pet-related product portfolio, which includes everything from food to pet grooming supplies.

The company generated net sales of $10.1 billion in the year 2022. Chewy Inc. (NYSE:CHWY) has made pet healthcare the main focus of its product sales, hoping to generate most of its revenue from this segment of its product line. Companies like Chewy Inc. (NYSE:CHWY) and Petsmart, Inc. are also performing well as the younger generation continues to show a high consumer trend for investing in pet goods. 

Other market trends include a growth in the number of individuals acquiring pet insurance for their dogs. Part of this is due to the fear of rising veterinary costs and the increasing responsibility that individuals now feel towards their pets.

According to Forbes, the average monthly cost of pet insurance for dogs is $56, with higher premiums for bigger breeds like golden retrievers compared to smaller mixed breeds like chihuahuas. From 2020 to 2022, annual veterinary costs for dog households increased by a whopping 60%, leading to a need for companies like Trupanion Inc. (NASDAQ:TRUP), which sells insurance policies for cats and dogs.

The company had a total of 1,537,573 enrolled pets by the end of 2022, a 31% increase from 2021. Trupanion Inc. (NASDAQ:TRUP) is keeping up with the emerging trends in the market, having integrated AI into its insurance invoice system. This has enabled Trupanion Inc. (NASDAQ:TRUP) to become the pet insurance company with the highest degree of veterinary invoice automation in North America. 

Owing to these changing trends in the pet market of the US, people are now wondering more than ever what would be the best dog breeds for children and families. With a ton of options now available in the market, it’s productive to consider which breeds would result in the least possible liabilities for the family, along with being suitable for little children. 

25 Best Dog Breeds for Children and Families Photo by Cristian Castillo on Unsplash

Our Methodology 

In order to create a list of the best dog breeds for children and families, we resorted to acquiring consumer consensus. We considered people’s opinions on the American site Reddit, where upvotes and the number of mentions were used to rank this list. Based on information from users on the website, here is a list of the 25 best dog breeds for children and families

25. Portuguese Water Dog

Score: 01

Portuguese water dogs are excellent around children and other pets in the family. They don’t shed as much as certain other breeds, so they’re often considered hypoallergenic, which makes them a great option for a home with kids. They’re also highly trainable and showcase great intelligence and empathy. If purchased from a reputable breeder, a Portuguese water dog may cost somewhere around the range of $3,000 to $3,700. 

24. English Cocker Spaniel 

Score: 02

The general nature of the English cocker spaniel is described as easy-going, gentle, and lively. They tend to portray non-aggressive temperaments, making them suitable family pets. The only point of caution would be to note that the massive popularity of the breed has often led to overbreeding, which may result in high-strung puppies or dogs with multiple health issues. In terms of obedience training and housebreaking, cocker spaniels generally rank average.

23. English Springer Spaniel

Score: 03

Springer spaniels generally have a fun-loving nature, which makes them excellent playmates for the whole family. This breed needs a fair amount of training and daily exercise to stay out of mischief, but if properly managed, they make extremely friendly pets. These dogs cannot be left alone for more extended periods as they thrive best in company, which is a point to note for working individuals who may need to leave their apartment empty for long hours of the day. 

22. Chihuahua 

Score: 04 

Chihuahuas are one of the smaller dog breeds on this list, which works great with families. This dog needs to be well-socialized as they can quickly become quite protective of their owners. The training for this breed should begin as early as four months, and owners should be aware that certain things might take a little time for them to get around to as they do many things at their own pace. Chihuahuas might not be the best option for families with younger kids, but older kids can really appreciate them. 

21. Rat Terriers

Score: 05

The rat terrier was originally bred to be a hunting dog, which may lead to many thinking that they may not be suitable as family pets; however, that’s not true. Rat terriers are exceptionally great with children and older people, making wonderful companion animals. Their hunting nature and origin do require a good amount of focus on training them, but this breed performs great as part of a human family. Traits like these make the rat terriers one of the best dog breeds for children and families. 

20. Australian Shepherd 

Score: 06

Australian shepherds are medium-sized dogs that work great with families but are most suitable for experienced dog owners. This breed also works well in other roles, such as herding dogs or police animals. This showcases the diversity and intelligence of the breed, along with the reliance that can be expected from them. The American Kennel Club recognized the Australian Shepherd as an official breed in 1991. 

19. Cairn Terrier

Score: 07

Cairn terriers are among the top smal dog breeds for kids and families on this list. Puppies can range from $1,200 to $2,000 in price. Fully grown dogs in this breed should not weigh more than 13-14 pounds, which are measures to look out for in order to prevent costly health issues. Cairn terriers showcase a lot of loyalty for their owners and also exhibit elements of independent thinking. The breed is sturdy, with a wiry coat that requires care. 

18. Boston Terrier 

Score: 08

Boston terriers exhibit high amounts of energy. These dogs will want to participate in everything the family does, making them great pets for those looking for active companions. This breed bodes particularly well in urban settings. While the Boston terrier requires regular exercise in order to manage its energy effectively, their airways are structured in a way that excessive exercise may lead to breathing issues. Hence, these pets are only suitable for individuals who have the time to look out for issues like these. 

17. Mongrels 

Score: 09

Mongrels, also known as mutts or mixed-breed dogs, are particularly well-known for their exceptional health. This breed has a relatively stronger immunity than some of the other best dog breeds for children and families, making them less prone to common health issues. Mongrels might not be suitable for individuals looking for their dogs to accomplish a specific purpose because that factor can only be achieved with purebred dogs. 

16. Bernese Mountain Dog

Score: 10

Bernese mountain dogs can get along well with other pets in the home if they’re socialized early on. The breed is a quick learner, enabling them to pick up on training quite quickly. These dogs have also been used as watchdogs and livestock guardians owing to their large sizes, but they can be pretty affectionate in family settings. This pet’s loyalty makes it one of the best dog breeds for children and families

15. Poodle 

Score: 11

The poodle comes in three sizes, two of which make it to this list, showing the breed’s popularity in the US. The breed is regarded as one of the most intelligent in the dog family, making poodles highly trainable. They are also exceptionally known for their appearance in dog shows nationwide, which also comes from the ease and convenience of training this breed. 

14. Whippet

Score: 12

Whippets are considered by many to be natural family pets due to their affectionate nature with children and other dog breeds. A pertinent thing to know about this breed is that they require moments of peace, so an all-time noisy household will not turn out to be the best environment for a whippet. The breed is generally healthy, easy to train, and intelligent. 

13. Newfoundland 

Score: 13

Newfoundland is among the best big dog breeds for children and families, but due to its moderate energy levels, the dog does not require extensive exercise. They generally possess sweet tempers, with a particular affiliation towards younger children. Due to their webbed feet and natural instincts, Newfies make incredible swimmers, especially good at rescuing people from the water if need be. While the breed possesses a high tolerance for children, their large fur can often knock off toddlers, so it’s best to keep an eye around. 

12. Beagles

Score: 14 

Beagles are one of the best dog breeds for children and families, but there are both pros and cons to be considered. The breed tends to be relatively low-maintenance, especially in terms of associated costs, but these dogs can also be stubborn. Raising a puppy in this breed requires a generous amount of attention and training, so getting one at the same time as having toddlers might not be the best idea. However, young adults tend to be an excellent option for children. 

11. Mini Schnauzer

Score: 15

The best factor about the mini schnauzer is that it is petite enough to be well-accommodated within an apartment and active enough to become a watchdog for large areas. This makes them a great pet option for a versatile range of owners having significantly different life choices from each other. The breed can be tough and fearless without the added temperament of being aggressive. 

10. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Score: 16

Multiple spaniel breeds can be considered in the list of the best dog breeds for children and families, which is a testimony to their suitability as family pets. The King Charles Spaniel, in particular, is known for its great appreciation of the outdoors, where it loves spending time with its human family. 

9. Rough Collie

Score: 17

Rough collies are considered a wonderful pet option for families and individuals who live by themselves. The breed showcases very high levels of affection and loyalty, along with being quite intelligent. Rough collies also have a wonderfully adaptive personality, enabling them to adjust to various environments. However, some individuals hesitate from this breed due to its fur; for them, the smooth collie is a much more suitable option that offers similar personality traits. 

8. Basset Hound

Score: 18

Basset hounds are one of the more low-maintenance pets on this list of the best dog breeds for children and families. The dog is quite energetic and comes with a good amount of stamina, but requires only moderate exercise to manage it all. Basset hounds are also highly tolerant of noise and chaotic activity, making them good additions to families with highly active kids. 

7. Mini Poodle 

Score: 19 

Mini poodles require much less space and outdoor exposure as compared to their standard counterparts, making them more popular with individuals who value these elements. They can generate strong bonds with their human families, making them wonderful as companion animals. This breed is especially excellent in training and tends to pick up quickly. 

6. Bichon

Score: 20

The bichon frise was initially bred as a performance dog for circuses, but over the years, they have garnered a reputation as one of the best dog breeds for children and families. They enjoy playing with children and being a part of their games, which has led to them being known for their liveliness and cheerfulness. This breed can also adjust to diverse environments, making them quite versatile.

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