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25 Cheapest Countries to Fly to From the USA in 2024

In this piece we will look at the 25 Cheapest Countries to Fly to From the USA in 2024, and in case you want to skip our detailed analysis of the tourism industry and its recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic, along with Airline stocks’ ongoing performances, you can go directly to 5 Cheapest Countries to Fly to From the USA in 2024.

The travel industry has really bounced back from the challenges of the pandemic. It’s been almost four years since things got tough back in 2020, with all those travel restrictions and people losing interest in trips. But hey, experts are saying we can expect a full recovery by 2024! Last year, 2023, saw a big jump in international travel – like, 88% of pre-pandemic levels by the end of the year, according to the UN folks. The World Travel and Tourism Council also reported that international arrival numbers were even higher than the previous year in all regions.

And the good news keeps coming – it looks like 2024 could see some regions surpassing 2019 levels by the end of the year! In 2023, international tourism brought in about $1.4 trillion, almost 93% of 2019 earnings. And the total revenues from tourism were estimated at $1.6 trillion, nearly 95% of the 2019 numbers. That’s a good sign of recovery, right?

Looking ahead, technology like AI, data analytics, VR, and AR is set to shake things up in the travel scene. We might soon be able to explore destinations virtually before booking our actual trips – how cool is that? A global survey showed that travellers in many countries are balancing budgets with luxuries. In 2024, some are even thinking about taking their kids out of school for holiday trips or borrowing fancy clothes instead of buying new ones. It seems there’s a shift towards shorter, more luxurious vacations in Europe, with a focus on quality over quantity. And “micro-cations” are becoming a thing, emphasizing making the most of short stays. And hey, there’s this sneaky money-saving trick called Skiplagging, where you book hidden flights to save cash. It seems like travelers are getting more creative with their plans these days.

Now before we delve into our list of 25 Cheapest Countries to Fly to From the USA in 2024, let us also first analyze what’s happening around the key stakeholders of the travel industry. Namely, we are going to discuss Delta Air Lines, Inc. (NYSE:DAL), American Airlines Group Inc. (NASDAQGS:AAL) and Alaska Air Group, Inc. (NYSE:ALK).

Delta Air Lines, Inc. (NYSE:DAL)

If you’ve ever dreamed of seeing a total solar eclipse from high up in the sky, Delta Air Lines, Inc. (NYSE:DAL) has something cool for you this April. They’re organizing a unique flight from Austin to Detroit on April 8, 2024, just for eclipse enthusiasts who want to be right in the path of totality. So, mark your calendars!

Delta had a solid year in 2023, rocking it with great performance in both operations and finances. Their awesome team really stepped up, delivering top-notch service that made their customers super happy and kept Delta soaring high.

Let’s also dive into their financial highlights for the December Quarter 2023. They brought in a whopping $14.2 billion in operating revenue and bagged an operating income of $1.3 billion, giving them a solid operating margin of 9.3%. Their pre-tax income was a cool $2.3 billion, with a pre-tax margin of 16.0%. Earnings per share? $3.16. Plus, their operating cash flow hit $545 million, and they put $361 million towards debt and finance lease obligations.

American Airlines Group Inc. (NASDAQGS:AAL)

There’s some news on American Airlines involving pilot Bryan Spence, who is suing the company over ESG investment choices. Judge Reed O’Connor allowed the lawsuit to proceed, saying the airline’s process seemed “sketchy”. Spence claims the airline didn’t properly manage retirement assets with political agendas in mind. American Airlines wanted the case dismissed, but O’Connor is letting it move forward.

American Airlines Group Inc. had a killer year, pulling in a record revenue of about $53 billion for the year ended 31 December 2023. In the fourth quarter alone, they raked in $19 million in GAAP net income, and for the whole year, they banked a cool $822 million. And check out those earnings per share: $0.03 for the quarter and $1.21 for the whole year. Looks like they’re flying high financially!

Alaska Air Group, Inc. (NYSE:ALK)

Alaska Air Group, Inc. (NYSE: ALK) shareholders must have been stoked to see the share price go up by 12% in the past month. But hey, let’s not overlook the fact that the returns haven’t been all that awesome over the last three years. The share price actually took a dip by 42% during this time, falling way below the market return. Things started looking a bit brighter for shareholders last week, but they’re still in the red when you look back over the past three years.

In the fourth quarter ending 31 December 2023, and the whole year of 2023, they reported net income of $38 million and $583 million, respectively. This translates to $0.30 and $4.53 per diluted share. Now, that’s compared to the numbers from 2022, where net income hit $118 million and $556 million, or $0.92 and $4.35 per diluted share. On the upside, they managed to generate an adjusted pretax margin of 7.5% for the whole of 2023, one of the best in the industry. So, it’s not all gloomy skies for Alaska Air Group, Inc.!

25 Cheapest Countries to Fly to From the USA in 2024 A traveler having a delicious meal at a local restaurant with a view of the city.


So, we put together a list of the 25 Cheapest Countries to Fly to From the USA in 2024 by doing a lot of digging. We checked out different sources to see which countries kept popping up as the cheapest countries to fly to from U.S in 2024.

Then, we considered inflation rates in those countries to narrow down our list even more. After that, we checked out the Travel and Tourism Development Index by the World Economic Forum. This index rates countries based on how pricey it is to travel there, considering things like ticket costs, airport fees, and fuel prices. The scores range from 0 to 7, with 7 being the cheapest.

Lastly, we ranked our shortlisted countries based on actual airline ticket prices on Skyscanner, as at February 2024. We looked at flights from South Dakota to the capitals of those countries, with the trip lasting a month starting on March 1, 2024; the rationale behind choosing South Dakota as the departure point being the fact that it’s the closest state to the center point of USA.

And that’s how we came up with our list of the 25 Cheapest Countries to Fly to From the USA in 2024.

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25. Namibia

Airline Ticket Fare: $2,341

Namibia, 25th country on our list of Cheapest Countries to Fly to From the USA in 2024, is a stunner, no doubt, with jaw-dropping spots like Sossusvlei and Fish River Canyon. Even though this place might seem upscale, there are tricks to make it budget-friendly. Forget fancy lodges – camping is the way to go, with spots going for way less than luxury stays. A 4×4 ride split with pals? Cheaper rides. Cook in shared kitchens and hit up the budget-friendly attractions. Namibia’s got something for every wallet size!

24. Vietnam

Airline Ticket Fare: $2,314

Vietnam’s street food game is strong and affordable. How about slurping a bowl of noodle soup with all the tasty fixings for just a buck fifty? And don’t get us started on the robust coffee for another dollar! Zoom around on a motorbike to explore Vietnam’s charms or hop on GrabBike for cheap rides in the bustling cities. Affordable long-distance buses and trains are also there for the taking. Comfortable stays that won’t break the bank? Vietnam’s got your back!

23. Thailand

Airline Ticket Fare: $2,298

Thailand, coming in at number 24 on our list of Cheapest Countries to Fly to From the USA in 2024, gives budget travelers a good deal, especially up in the north where digs are wallet-friendly. Hit spots like Chiang Mai and Pai for dorms under $7 and go street food-hopping for tasty and cheap bites. Don’t miss cool stuff like the White Temple or group day trips for a bang-for-your-buck adventure!

22. Nepal

Airline Ticket Fare: $2,254

Nepal’s a gem for budget travel, serving up wallet-friendly deals on eats, stays, and getting around. Worried about street food? Stick to cozy local joints for tasty and safe home-cooked meals. Be careful when booking stays online – big companies sometimes turn cozy homestays into fancy hotels. For that real Nepali vibe, book your first nights online and switch to legit local guesthouses when you arrive.

21. South Africa

Airline Ticket Fare: $2,177

South Africa’s a winner for budget travelers, with a sweet exchange rate that makes exploring affordable, especially for Americans. Get cozy in backpacker lodges, cook your own grub, and carpool with fellow explorers for a thrifty and fun adventure. Cheers to cheap travel!

20. Cambodia

Airline Ticket Fare: $2,166

Southeast Asia is known for its budget-friendly goodness with jaw-dropping scenery, cool history, yummy grub, and epic natural spots. And guess what? Cambodia totally nails the cheap travel game, and is placed 20th on our list of Cheapest Countries to Fly to From the USA in 2024! Don’t miss the ancient Khmer temples in Siem Reap or the cool museums in Phnom Penh. Feeling thrifty? Crash at hostels for just 4 bucks a night and chow down on a hearty meal for a measly dollar.

19. China

Airline Ticket Fare: $2,161

China, at number 19th on our list of Cheapest Countries to Fly to From the USA in 2024, is a powerhouse with its unique culture, history, and epic landscapes. Forget the urban stereotype – China’s got it all, from the Great Wall to surreal spots like Jiuzhaigou and Zhangjiajie.

18. Bolivia

Airline Ticket Fare: $2,141

In Bolivia, you can stretch your travel bucks with $20 a day by chowing down at local spots and crashing in hostels. This place is a hit with budget travelers, offering up a true South American experience. Don’t miss the jaw-dropping Salar De Uyuni salt flat and the dreamy Lake Titicaca. For daredevils, diving into remote villages or jungle treks in the Amazon is a must-try adventure.

17. Malaysia

Airline Ticket Fare: $2,083

Malaysia might look pricey, but don’t be fooled – it’s tops for budget exploring, snagging the 17th spot on our Cheapest Countries to Fly to From the USA in 2024 list. With its diverse spots like Cameron Highlands, Borneo jungles, and stunning islands, Malaysia’s a jackpot for affordable adventures. Hop on a budget bus to the Perhentian Islands or roam local hoods and markets for free fun. The local grub is a tasty mix of cultures, though maybe not always super healthy. And if you’re into scuba, Malaysia’s the place to bag an affordable PADI certification.

16. Indonesia

Airline Ticket Fare: $2,077

When you hit up Indonesia, keep an eye on your travel costs – getting around those islands can be a bit pricey and time-consuming. To save some cash, stick to one region at a time. Local transport’s your best bud for cruising around on a budget. And let’s not forget the scrumptious yet cheap food and fun activities like scooter rides or waterfall chasing. Need a cheap stay? Hostels, especially in spots like the Gili Islands, got your back.

15. Montenegro

Airline Ticket Fare: $1,960

Montenegro is up on our list of Cheapest Countries to Fly to From the USA in 2024, giving budget travelers a sweet deal with daily expenses ranging from $40 to $60. If you’re up for a bit more splurging, mid-range travel might run you $80 to $120 a day.

Montenegro serves up gorgeous landscapes, from towering mountains to the sparkling Adriatic Sea. Coastal towns like Budva and Kotor are full of charm with their old towns and cool medieval vibes. And if you’re into hiking, Durmitor National Park is the spot, with its epic peaks, deep canyons, and peaceful lakes. Foodies will dig the mix of Mediterranean and Balkan flavors too!

14. Philippines

Airline Ticket Fare: $1,886

The Philippines might test your budget skills a bit, with fewer hostel options compared to other Southeast Asian hotspots. But don’t let that stop you! Travel smart by hitting the country during off-peak times, booking flights ahead, and sticking to 1-2 regions to keep costs down. With its stunning islands, sweet group island tours, and killer dive spots, the Philippines dishes out unique experiences that won’t break the bank. It’s worth every penny for travelers after bang-for-your-buck and unforgettable trips.

13. Japan

Airline Ticket Fare: $1,838

Japan is recognized as one of the most captivating destinations globally, boasting a diverse range of natural landscapes and cultural experiences. From the bustling city of Tokyo to the calm temples of Kyoto, from the snow-capped peaks of Hokkaido to the sunny beaches of Okinawa, Japan offers a myriad of attractions waiting to be explored. Delving into the various enchanting islands and cities of Japan could be a lifelong adventure.

12. India

Airline Ticket Fare: $1,800

Bargain hunters, listen up! India’s the place to be for affordable adventures if you’re willing to haggle a bit. Up north, you’ll find no-frills budget stays starting at around $3, complete with good old bucket showers. Down south, the beautiful beaches offer more wallet-friendly digs. To keep those rupees in check, skip the online bookings and negotiate directly with guesthouses, eateries, and tour guides for better deals – trust us, it pays off!

11. Morocco

Airline Ticket Fare: $1,718

Compared to some other spots in Africa, Morocco’s kinder to your wallet. It might not be as cheap as Southeast Asia, but it’s still easy on the pocket if you avoid tourist traps. Take Marrakech, for example – it’s buzzing with life, and you can explore the Medina, hit up the Sahara Desert, or check out the Atlas Mountains. Want to save some cash? Skip the touristy spots in Marrakech and grab affordable meals in local joints. Hostel stays in Morocco can go for $8 to $10, and tours won’t break the bank either.

10. Spain

Airline Ticket Fare: $1,600

Spain is a real stunner with its Mediterranean beaches, rugged mountains, historic cities, and volcanic islands. It’s a total gem among European countries, offering a mix that’s hard to resist. Just like Greece, Spain’s got a colorful past shaped by Visigoths, Romans, and Moorish rule. The South, in particular, carries that Moorish influence from way back in the day.

9. UAE

Airline Ticket Fare: $1,427

The United Arab Emirates is a travel hotspot, with its striking skyscrapers, luxe hotels, and stunning coastline. It’s a must-visit for any traveler! The UAE is all about top-notch resorts, impressive architecture, beautiful mosques, and cool museums. Plus, don’t miss out on the iconic man-made islands and attractions like Ferrari World, Legoland, and Marina Mall for a fun-filled getaway in the UAE!

8. Switzerland

Airline Ticket Fare: $1,415

Switzerland is like a postcard come to life in Europe. Picture-perfect glacial lakes reflecting snowy peaks, meadows filled with wildflowers and juniper, and charming cities with tall cathedral spires and stone bridges over rushing rivers. It’s a visual treat that never gets old. And with tons of hiking trails, ski slopes, and adventure options, Switzerland keeps the fun going all year round. No time for boredom here!

7. Brazil

Airline Ticket Fare: $1,382

Brazil’s a hit with tourists, especially in Rio de Janeiro and other city spots with top-notch hospitality scenes. Salvador and Bahia are crowd-pleasers too, and folks are digging the Northeast coastal vibes. Eco-tourism’s on the rise in the Amazon, while Santa Catarina’s beaches draw in tons of Argentine visitors. The epic Iguaçu Falls are a must-see, pulling in a cool million tourists each year. And hey, national parks, historic spots, and pristine beaches are getting more love from travelers worldwide. Brazil’s got some World Heritage sites too, showing off its rich history and culture.

6. Bulgaria

Airline Ticket Fare: $1,359

Bulgaria slides in at number 6 on our list of Cheapest Countries to Fly to From the USA in 2024, offering a snowy mountain paradise. Explore peaks like Rila and Pirin for winter sports fun. Dive into Bulgaria’s history with cool sites and get a taste of their yummy cuisine filled with fresh ingredients and delicious meats. And hey, don’t miss the vibrant nightlife and stunning beaches for a perfect Bulgarian getaway!

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