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The Second Country That Legalized Same Sex Marriage

We recently compiled a list of the 20 Countries with the Highest Approval of Same Sex Marriages and in this article we will discuss the second country that has the highest approval of same-sex marriages.

Approval of Gay and Lesbian Marriage in the U.S.

Public approval rates for same-sex marriages differ across the world, showing drastic variations. Although the Supreme Court legalized same-sex marriage in the United States in 2015, data collected by the Pew Research Center shows that only 63% of individuals support it, with 34% standing against it. These sentiments are significantly skewed by religious and political beliefs. For instance, supporters of the Democratic Party are almost twice as likely to approve of same-sex marriages as opposed to Republicans. While 82% of Democrats support same-sex marriage, only 44% of Republicans express the same sentiments. Age also plays a pivotal role in the approval of gay marriages, as around 73% of Americans below the age of 40 stand in support of gay and lesbian marriages, considering it legal. This translates to about three-quarters of the total population of the United States below the age of 40. In contrast, only 57% of U.S. citizens above the age of 40 give their approval for same-sex marriages, around 16 percentage points lower than people under 40.

Geographical Breakdown of Public Approval of Same Sex Marriages 

Public sentiments about gay and lesbian weddings also vary across different geographical regions in the world. Countries in Western Europe openly support same-sex marriages, with Sweden taking the lead with 92% supporters. According to data by the Pew Research Center, nearly eight in ten individuals in the country express their approval for same-sex marriages. The Netherlands, Spain, and France trail behind, with 89%, 87%, and 82% of their total population supporting lesbian and gay weddings. Germany also makes the list, with around 80% of people in the country approving the same. Same-sex marriage in all of these countries is legal. However, not all European countries have legalized gay and lesbian marriages. The practice is illegal in Poland and Hungary, with 41% and 31% of people supporting it, respectively.

In North America, gay and lesbian marriages are legal in Canada, the United States, and Mexico. Around 79% of Canadians support same-sex marriages, while the sentiments in the USA and Mexico stand at 63% in both countries. Similarly, Brazil and Argentina have legalized same-sex marriages, with 52% and 67% of people supporting it in the two countries, respectively.

However, public sentiments change as we go towards the Asia-Pacific and African continents. While nearly three-quarters of Australian adults support same-sex marriage, the only other country in the Asia-Pacific region with considerably high approval for the same is Japan. However, same-sex marriage is not legal in the country, and only 56% of Japanese somewhat favor gay and lesbian marriages. In addition, 65% of individuals in Vietnam and 53% of individuals in India support same-sex marriage. Although Taiwan is the only country in Asia where same-sex marriage is legal, around 43% of individuals in the country oppose it. Similarly, 56% of South Koreans oppose gay and lesbian marriages. Indonesia is the Asian country with the highest percentage of people who oppose gay and lesbian marriages, with around nine in ten people opposing LGBTQ+ people marrying openly and 88% strongly opposing the same. Only 5% of Indonesians support same-sex marriage.

South Africa is the only African country where gay and lesbian marriages are legal. Despite the official ruling in 2006, around 59% of South Africans oppose the cause. In fact, homosexuality is illegal in Nigeria, where only 2% of adults support same-sex marriage. Kenyans follow the same road, with only 9% in favor of allowing lesbians and gays to marry. In the Middle East, 56% of Israelis do not support the prospect of legalizing gay marriage, with religious affiliations and politics playing a major role in driving such sentiments.

Now that we have taken an overview of the public sentiments regarding LGBTQ+ people across the globe, let’s look at the second country that has the highest approval of same-sex marriages.

The Second Country with the Highest Approval of Same Sex Marriage S-F/

Our Methodology 

In order to compile a list of the 20 countries with the highest approval of same-sex marriages, we have taken the percentage of people who approve same-sex marriages as the primary and sole metric. We have acquired the data from a survey by the Pew Research Center conducted across 32 countries in 2023. We have also incorporated additional information from the Pew Research Center in our list. The 20 countries with the highest approval of same-sex marriages are arranged in ascending order of the aforementioned metric.

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The Second Country That Legalized Same Sex Marriage

2. The Netherlands 

% of People who Approve Same-Sex Marriage in the Country as of 2023: 89%

The Netherlands, informally known as Holland, is a European country located in the northwest of the region. Sandwiched between Germany and Belgium, the country ranks second on our list with around 89% of its residents approving gay and lesbian weddings as of 2023.

To learn about the countries that have the highest approval of same sex marriages other than the Netherlands, check out our report on 20 Countries with the Highest Approval of Same Sex Marriages.

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