Irish Police Force Set to Strike

In a so called post downturn economy with rocketing house and rental prices the Irish Police Force (Gardai) are set to Strike tomorrow. It’s set to be a crime bonanza but, in my humble opinion, the biggest crims keep getting away scot free with each bankster bailout repayment Irish citizens make and will keep making until the mid 21st.C. (That being said our White Collar Crime Prevention Unit is incredibly poorly funded and resourced).

At the time of the bankster heist (from 2008), the government succeeded in dividing trade unions but now are paying a heavy price as union after union are removing / threatening to remove vital public services. Public servants in general were worst hit during the bankster rip off with salary cuts of up to 25% , poorer working conditions, equipment etc. New employees were given even lower wages for similar work done by people who are a bit older. These people cannot even pay the exorbetant rents let alone save for a deposit or buy a home and start a family. (Many vulture funds are also big landlords in the Irish property market, having acquired big discounts from NAMA our highly opaque National Asset Management Agency).
As a result the rank and file police representative body (GRA) and Association of Garda Sergeants and Inspectors (AGSI) are not only demanding better conditions, pay resoration to pre crash levels but also equal pay for equal work. They also want permanent access to the Labour Relations mechanisms that exist for all other public/private sector employees. This privilege has been previously denied them under Irish law.
In general our establishment politicians have completely sacrificed the youth and Millenials for votes garnered from the Baby Boomers. As the Irish Media, in some cases, set to tarring striking prim school marms with the ‘dangerous radical’ brush ( normally reserved for Water Protesters) they are really at a loss as to what headlines to use on the striking Guards.  Stories below.
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