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Trump is Cranky – Here’s the Play

Yesterday I lined up four trades and had myself another $7,000+ day.

Today I’m giving you Wells Fargo’s insight, backed by an executive order!

Today, a signature from President Trump could send social media stocks plummeting in a hurry.

Ticker Code Ticker Name Ticker Industry Price Change Average Volume (50)*
TRIL Trillium Therapeutics Inc Biotechnology 33.99% 2,301,949
WFC Wells Fargo & Co Banks – Diversified -2.68% 47,621,055
TORC resTORbio, Inc. Biotechnology 50.95% 1,727,965
ADMA ADMA Biologics Inc Biotechnology 4.95% 2,557,352
XSPA XpresSpa Group Inc Personal Services 77.65% 37,972,721
MRNA Moderna Inc Biotechnology 42.60% 25,209,567
MARK Remark Holdings Inc Internet Content & Information 88.53% 51,261,079
NAVB Navidea Biopharmaceuticals Inc Biotechnology 68.85% 3,147,762
ZTO ZTO Express (Cayman) Inc Integrated Shipping & Logistics 12.61% 2,556,133
POWW Ammo Inc Ordnance & Accessories, (No Vehicles/Guided Missiles) -16.07% 39,131
FSCT Forescout Technologies Inc Software – Application -27.69% 4,679,014
AYTU Aytu Bioscience Inc Biotechnology -4.17% 18,662,230
SNCA Seneca Biopharma Inc Biotechnology 25.84% 5,511,472
MDGS S ADR Medical Devices 58.23% 4,248,578
LK Luckin Coffee Inc – ADR Restaurants -949.81% 18,014,832
FB Facebook, Inc. Common Stock Internet Content & Information 27.21% 25,764,535
ALT Altimmune Inc Biotechnology 60.32% 3,490,865
SRNE Sorrento Therapeutics Inc Biotechnology 64.41% 42,938,670
XTNT Xtant Medical Holdings Inc Medical Devices 54.42% 1,293,503
GSX GSX Techedu Inc Education & Training Services -42.29% 6,491,895

Facebook (NYSE: FB) is being monitored by Wells Fargo and financial institutions around the world, maybe even as I’m typing this morning.

And I believe I know exactly why!

Yesterday rumors initiated that President Trump will be signing an executive order on social media activity today.

While details of what the order would contain are unavailable, the speculation I encountered while researching this catalyst with my paid software is that social media companies (such as Facebook) will be stripped of their legal immunity and undergo rigorous fact checking.

Social media is known for being a hotspot for publication of false media, or items such as political bias which simply aren’t true.

I believe this is President Trump’s attempt at regulating posts about him on social media which aren’t fact checked ahead of time, which could potentially impair his upcoming shot at being re-elected to a second term as president of the United States of America.

In my mind, this will drive bearish sentiment on social media stocks, including Facebook. You see, social media companies need their users to post often – it’s how social media companies continue to engage attention from users.

With more frequent posts comes a higher probability of users being more active on social media, thus increasing their likelihood of seeing and interacting with a sponsored post or digital banner, which is how social media companies make the large majority of their money – advertising.

I am bearish on Facebook into today’s trading session and may even consider starting a short position early in the day.

As shown in the chart above, Facebook has short-term overhead resistance at $235/share… Below $235/share, and the stock could drop to $200/share, maybe even by the end of the week.

This is the move I’ll be looking for to take advantage of. If put option sweeps and dark pool prints do happen on Facebook today, my guess is they’ll happen earlier rather than later – this would only further increase my confidence in a potentially bearish day for Facebook’s stock today.

Happy trading & let me know how you do today!

Yours for TrackStar trading,

Davis Martin
America’s #1 Premarket and Day Trader

Disclaimer: This is not investment advice. This article is for information purposes only and opinion-based on financial advisor data across a selection of websites. Investors should be cautious about any and all investments and are advised to conduct their own due diligence prior to making any investment decisions.

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