From Bankrupt to $163k+ Richer Overnight. Here’s how…

Around noon yesterday I put JPM July 2 98 Calls on the watchlist I sent you. They opened at about $1.50 per contract.

“JPM July 2 98 Calls: There’s something going on with big banks today. Call option buyers of six-figure dollar amounts left and right. This could be as simple as betting on a bounce on the DOW, or maybe an upgrade is on the way. Time will tell! I’ll be interested if it can trade above and hold $97/share.”

Here’s what I saw on MarketWatch a couple hours later…

CNBC chimed in as well…

At which point those exact call options were worth $3.00 per contract… a +100% move intraday.

It can literally pay you to pay attention to what financial professionals are doing!

Financial professionals simply move faster than media outlets and are DEFINITELY better informed in the financial marketplace than television personalities reading off teleprompters all day.

Did financial professionals know something about JPMorgan Chase before I sent you my watchlist?

I’ll let you be the judge of that…

Just keep an eye on the watchlists and ideas I send your way. I put them together for you..

Here’s what Voya financial professionals are looking at today.


The #1 stock I’m watching before today’s opening bell rings.

Ticker Code Ticker Name Ticker Industry Price Change Average Volume (50)*
EROS Eros International plc Entertainment -26.62% 3,135,358
STNG Scorpio Tankers Inc. Oil & Gas Midstream -21.34% 2,350,571
EVER EverQuote Inc Internet Content & Information 7.87% 443,326
CLVS Clovis Oncology Inc Biotechnology 11.35% 7,658,714
MRNA Moderna Inc Biotechnology 2.27% 25,686,247
DNR Denbury Resources Inc. Oil & Gas E&P 26.47% 34,890,248
OPK Opko Health Inc. Diagnostics & Research 15.30% 13,276,769
DLTH Duluth Holdings Inc Apparel Retail 6.58% 541,226
PCG PG&E Corporation Utilities – Regulated Electric -21.99% 13,123,401
MSFT Microsoft Corporation Software – Infrastructure 8.70% 34,986,634
AZN AstraZeneca plc Drug Manufacturers – General -1.62% 5,951,425
CIEN Ciena Corporation Communication Equipment -1.09% 2,107,920
PS Pluralsight Inc Software – Application -19.36% 2,443,247
FB Facebook, Inc. Common Stock Internet Content & Information 3.98% 24,076,793
SHOP Shopify Inc Software – Application 19.77% 3,152,624
AAPL Apple Inc. Consumer Electronics 11.65% 35,123,459
DOCU Docusign Inc Software – Application 16.83% 5,557,669
SLGWF Slang Worldwide Inc Services-Miscellaneous Business Services -13.33% 306,710
NIO Nio Inc – ADR Auto Manufacturers 15.68% 78,875,683
SPOT Spotify Technology SA Internet Content & Information 32.01% 3,079,399

Overall, I had a pretty solid day making fast-moving trades right alongside financial professionals and their institutional moves in what was a fairly quiet trading session…

When a company declares bankruptcy, it can be for a variety of reasons. One of the most common reasons to declare bankruptcy is to restructure debt and make any efforts possible to revive a company and bring it back to life to the best of management’s abilities.

Recently, PG&E Corp (NYSE: PCG) did exactly that… shares dropped about 33% upon their chapter 11 filing announcement.

Given the stock has been going straight downhill for a couple weeks at this point, why in the world would someone come in and buy $163k worth of PCG call options yesterday?

The company is bankrupt. The stock has been in a landslide. Markets have been choppy. But still, someone throws down a $163k bullish bet… Does that make any sense to you?

Well, it did to the “in-the-know” option player who did exactly that during yesterday’s trading session…

Around 6am ET this morning, news hit that PCG has raised more than $5B to help fund its emergence from chapter 11 bankruptcy. Markets are flat this morning… but PCG is up about 3% as I’m typing.

Given options provide leverage over stocks, that $163k bullish option player will be up significantly more than 3% at the opening bell.

While it may seem as though this well-informed financial professional option player had an unfair advantage over us retail traders, rest assured, this kind of “smart money” option activity happens every single day. I see it first-hand with my proprietary paid software.

PCG Daily Chart

As indicated by the chart above, PCG is trading right above $9.50/share short-term support. If PCG can hold $9.50/share support, then I may be able to jump in and catch a piece of this potential upside move alongside that financial professional who conveniently took a $163k bullish bet on what was a bankrupt company in an indecisive market.

Below $9.50/share and this could turn into a “sell-the-news” scenario! Those happen often as well… In this case, I’d expect shorts to pile into PCG at rapid paces, and I may look to do the same, likely pocketing all available profits by the end of the day.

I’ll send a watchlist your way this afternoon.

Let me know how you do today!

Yours for TrackStar trading,

Davis Martin
America’s #1 Options Trader

Disclaimer: This is not investment advice. This article is for information purposes only and opinion-based on financial advisor data across a selection of websites. Investors should be cautious about any and all investments and are advised to conduct their own due diligence prior to making any investment decisions.

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