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A Unique $349,000 I’m Watching

Many traders may be hyper focused on earnings season kicking off and how markets will react to it.

My plan for today?

Follow the paper trail.

It worked yesterday…

And of course I want to do the same today… but more importantly, help you make some money as well.

Ticker Code Ticker Name Ticker Industry Price Change Average Volume (50)*
GNUS Genius Brands International Inc Entertainment -207.62% 97,651,847
DLPN Dolphin Entertainment Inc Entertainment -13.89% 5,308,816
EROS Eros International plc Entertainment -8.80% 3,985,416
DIS Walt Disney Co Entertainment -6.43% 13,989,765
NFLX Netflix Inc Entertainment 21.16% 6,175,607
VIAC CBS Corporation Common Stock Entertainment -1.73% 14,612,589
CIDM Cinedigm Corp Entertainment -89.06% 13,954,032
CMCSA Comcast Corporation Entertainment -1.85% 20,152,433
LYV Live Nation Entertainment, Inc. Entertainment -17.10% 3,451,578
CHTR Charter Communications Inc Entertainment -1.17% 1,087,588
CNK Cinemark Holdings, Inc. Entertainment -31.86% 5,030,168
LIVX Livexlive Media Inc Entertainment 6.47% 1,207,562
YVR Liquid Media Group Ltd Entertainment 0.00% 1,006,332
AMC AMC Entertainment Holdings Inc Entertainment -26.29% 6,844,576
IMAX Imax Corp Entertainment -17.79% 1,109,591
BLIAQ BB Liquidating Inc Entertainment -28.57% 32,926
LBRDK Liberty Broadband Corp Series C Entertainment -7.28% 761,719
DISCA DISCOVERY COMMUNICATIONS INC. Common Stock Entertainment -12.52% 5,079,280
HMTV Hemisphere Media Group Inc Entertainment -10.28% 51,504
MSG MCS Services Ltd Entertainment -50.00% 992,782

With a spike in COVID-19 cases in many highly populated states across the country, the entertainment industry is facing risks and financial turbulence from which the industry as a whole may have been hoping to bounce back.

In fact, just yesterday California re-closed all indoor entertainment venues indefinitely.

Therefore, right now is the perfect opportunity to dig into the exact entertainment stocks which financial professionals are looking to trade today or in the days to come.

Disney (NYSE: DIS) could be under quite a bit of pressure right now. With Disney’s earnings announcement right around the corner, they may soon be forced to re-close venues which they just reopened.

According to a recent study, Disney’s streaming business operates around breakeven. Their cruise ships are docked indefinitely… Which means Disney’s revenue machine is their amusement parks.

That won’t be the case if Disney is forced to close their amusement parks right back down again.

DIS Daily Chart

While putting the pieces of Diney’s puzzle together right now may seem bearish, that didn’t stop Wall Street players from coming in late yesterday and buying…

DIS July 17
120 Call Options
A $349k Purchase

Given these options expire this Friday, not only do these option players need Disney to go up – they need Disney to go up FAST!

Here’s my take on what they’re betting on… Disney won’t have very high earnings expectations ahead of its August 4 earnings report. Therefore, the stock may run between now and then. Their bar simply isn’t set very high right now.

Should gains trend above the 20-day simple moving average line and Disney could indeed move up to $120/share or higher, and I anticipate buying into the DIS July 17 120 Calls alongside the $349k option players.

Below Disney’s 20-day simple moving average line, and Wall Street’s $349k call option buyers may be out of luck, and I’ll look to make a move against their six-figure bet to make some money to the downside if Disney trades green-to-red today.

I’ll be in touch mid-day with updates and a watchlist. In the meantime, go here for a look at Disney’s fundamentals and latest news.

Let me know how you do today!

Dedicated to your success,

Davis Martin
America’s #1 Options Trader

Disclaimer: This is not investment advice. This article is for information purposes only and opinion-based on financial advisor data across a selection of websites. Investors should be cautious about any and all investments and are advised to conduct their own due diligence prior to making any investment decisions.

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