COVID Fighter Has Big Announcement

Whenever a company makes a solid claim to be fighting back in the battle against COVID-19 or its most sinister cousins, investors owe it to themselves to pay these firms some heed.

Health-care issues in the States were feeling the bruises overall by noon EDT Wednesday, trailing 0.7%, while their counterparts in Canada withered 0.5%.

But back now to the COVID front, where Las Vegas-based GB Sciences, Inc. (OTC:GBLX) has filed a provisional patent application, for the use of its new proprietary cannabinoid containing complex mixtures (CCCM™) for the treatment of Cytokine Storm Syndromes (CSS), including acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS) in COVID-19 patients.

CSS and ARDS are the leading cause of death in COVID-19.

GBLX’s mixtures were designed to reduce levels of specific cytokines and pro-inflammatory processes triggered by SARS-CoV-2 infections, while preserving those immune functions and cytokines that are necessary for fighting the viral infection.

Said CEO John Poss, “This is a big deal. In plain English, our combinations of specific cannabinoids and terpenes were designed to quiet the immune system’s storm without totally disabling the immune system.”

Shares in GBLX rocketed 13.8% to 3.3 cents, on volume of 2.3 million shares.

Its opposite number north of the border may not be presenting something COVID-related, or enjoying results as spectacular, but Toronto based CO2 GRO Inc. (TSX-Venture:GROW) says it will install a CO2 Delivery Solutions™ VCO2 system for a Commercial Feasibility at one of Hidroexpo S.A. de C.V.’s one-hectare peppers greenhouse in El Salvador. Hidroexpo operates over 30 one-hectare greenhouses all growing peppers for export to the U.S. through major-league food distributors.

The Commercial Feasibility kick off next month for one complete grow season ending in April 2021.

GROW shares took on half a cent early Wednesday afternoon, or 3.2%, to 16 cents, on volume of 17,000 shares.