Luby’s on the Menu as Deal Speculation Sends Shares Higher

Shares of Luby’s (LUB), the Houston, Texas parent company of Luby’s, Fuddruckers, Koo Koo Roo, and Cheeseburger in Paradise restaurants, surged 117% Tuesday after the company said its Board of Directors approved a plan to sell the company’s assets and distribute the proceeds to its shareholders. Luby’s also said that it is willing to scrap its plans should the company receive an alternative transaction that provides better value to shareholders.

As the stock surged on deal potential, interest in Luby’s surged among retail investors as well. According to TrackStarIQ rankings, the ticker is at the top of the list of stocks with increasing traffic this week. Also, please find below the rankings of stocks and ETFs that saw notable jumps in interest among retail investors, followed by the industry groups and ETF categories that are trending this week as well.

Top Stocks by Retail Investor Traffic Surge* :

Rank      Ticker      Company     
3 RUHN Runn Holdings ADR
2 ALKN Alkane
1 LUB Luby’s

Top ETFs by Retail Investor Traffic Surge* :

Rank      Ticker      Group     
3 FNDX Schwab Fundamental
2 UGE ProShares Ultra Consumer Goods
1 CEFS Saba Closed End Funds

Top Industry Groups by Retail Investor Traffic Surge* :

Rank      Industry Group     
3 Metal Machinery & Equipment
2 Business Associations
1 Chemical and fertilizer

Top ETF Categories by Increase (or smallest decrease) in by Retail Investor Traffic* :

Rank      ETF Category     
3 Large Cap Value Equities
2 Mid Cap Blend Equities
1 Metals

*Surge in traffic is evaluated by the increase in average traffic from the previous two days from the five-day period preceding it.

Rank (Verified FA Traffic) Top Stocks Researched by Greatest Retail Investor Traffic Surge Top ETFs Researched by Greatest Retail Investor Traffic Surge Top Stock Industry Groups Researched by Greatest Retail Investor Traffic Surge Top ETF Categories Researched by Retail Investor Traffic Change
1 LUB CEFS Chemical and fertilizer Metals
2 ALKN UGE Business associations Mid Cap Blend Equities
3 RUHN FNDX Metal Machinery & Equipment Large Cap Value Equities
4 CBSH IBND Vegetables and melons Commodity Producers Equities
5 RLBD BNKD Beef cattle feedlots Oil & Gas
6 MBI JJC Real Estate Operators (No Developers) & Lessors Inverse Commodities
7 CASH ENOR Structural clay products, misc MLPs
8 ADFS ISRA Musical instrument stores Water Equities
9 FFWM JKK Nitrogenous fertilizers Leveraged Commodities
10 COE CAPE Cement, hydraulic Inverse Equities
11 IOR INCO Membership organizations Consumer Staples Equities
12 IMKTA PXJ Internal combustion engines, misc Asia Pacific Emerging Markets Equities
13 MORF BDCS Farm management services Agricultural Commodities
14 NSSC NACP Industrial machinery and equipment High Yield Bonds
15 USLM IFRA Services-Social Services Global Real Estate
16 MATW SFY National security Energy Equities
17 OPGX ROBT Credit reporting services Asia Pacific Equities
18 ULTXF FTXO Jewelry stores Transportation Equities
19 SPRO NRGD Paper mills Consumer Discretionary Equities
20 OPMZ CHIH Oil Royalty traders Real Estate

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