Jinkosolar (JKS)

Dear Trader,

Effective this Monday (today) I’ll be sending you trade ideas for the week ahead.

I’ll be making these trades with my real money too.

And with trades I close, I’ll follow up on them with a “trade recap video.”

I’ll show you where to find that shortly…

My goal on each trade is to cash in ahead of the weekend.

Today, let’s take a look at Jinkosolar (JKS), sourced by TrackStarIQ’s verified institutional data-flow. 

I’ll be looking for JKS to trade above $72.92 support to enter this trade.

The option contracts I’d buy in this case would be the JKS December 18 $80 Calls.

I made money on them myself last week – but I have no problem making the same trade time and time again if it can pay me time and time again.

A possible break above $80.99 resistance could lead JKS to its next resistance level of $90.22.

And if a bullish catalyst hits, there’s no telling how high it could go – but in that case, we’d certainly find out!

Below $72.92 support and JKS coud re-test recent lows in the $68 area. 

If that’s how JKS plays out, I’d just look to catch a quick piece of it by buying the JKS December 18 70 Puts as my trading vehicle of choice.

Happy Trading,

P.S. Trade recap videos will be posted on this YouTube Channel, so make sure you’re subscribed.
P.P.S. Other stocks I’m watching today: XLF, SDC, WKHS, NIO, AAPL

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