An Outperforming Industry in Markets

“The rate of interest acts as a link between income-value and capital-value” ~ Irving Fisher

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Welcome to today’s edition of Wall Street Connected: An Outperforming Industry in Markets.

Last week was highlighted by Citron’s take on the DoorDash IPO for many traders and investors.

One could say this overshadowed the incredible moves the semiconductor industry were able to make…

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The semiconductor industry ranked #9 in total traffic by financial professionals as well-known semiconductor stocks such as Advanced Micro Devices and Micron Technologies both received generous upgrades from financial institutions. 

The semiconductor industry ranked #9 in total traffic by financial professionals as well-known semiconductor stocks such as Advanced Micro Devices and Micron Technologies both received generous upgrades from financial institutions.

While the S&P 500 is up 4% since November 1, Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) has increased by 20% and Micron Technologies (MU) has increased by 46% in the same amount of time.

When individual stocks are able to rise faster in price-per-share than the S&P 500, analysts often refer to them as outperformers.

Considering Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) and Micron Technologies (MU) are semiconductor stocks, analysts could say the semiconductor industry is currently an outperforming industry in markets.

Friday’s trading session was volatile, in part due to 38 attorney generals suing Google and November’s housing stats.

Google is a technology equity, and as you can see below, the technology equity sector ranked #3 in total ETF traffic by financial professionals last week. 

TrackStarIQ Data

RANKTOP INDUSTRY (EQUITIES) BY FAs (Total Traffic) – This Past WeekTOP INDUSTRY (EQUITIES) BY FAs (Surging Traffic) – This Past Week TOP SECTORS/CATEGORIES (ETFs) BY FAs (Total Traffic) – This Past WeekTOP SECTORS/CATEGORIES (ETFs) BY FAs (Surging Traffic) – This Past Week
1BiotechnologyREIT – ResidentialEquity – Large Cap Growth EquitiesMulti-Asset – Large Cap Blend Equities
2Drug Manufacturers – Specialty & GenericBusiness Equipment & SuppliesEquity – Leveraged EquitiesAlternatives – Long-Short
3Software – ApplicationAgricultural ChemicalsEquity – Technology EquitiesAlternatives – Hedge Fund
4Auto ManufacturersWholesale-Durable GoodsEquity – All Cap EquitiesBond – International Government Bonds
5ConglomeratesHeating equipment, except electricCommodity – Precious MetalsEquity – Latin America Equities
6Software – InfrastructureInvestment adviceEquity – Health & Biotech EquitiesReal Estate – Real Estate
7Internet Content & InformationInsurance – SpecialtyEquity – Alternative Energy EquitiesEquity – Water Equities
8Internet RetailCommercial PrintingEquity – MaterialsMulti-Asset – Diversified Portfolio
9SemiconductorsMiscellaneous Chemical ProductsEquity – Consumer Discretionary EquitiesBond – National Munis
10Diagnostics & ResearchCustom computer programming servicesEquity – Small Cap Growth EquitiesBond – Corporate Bonds
11Drug Manufacturers – GeneralOil and gas exploration servicesEquity – Energy EquitiesEquity – Utilities Equities
12EntertainmentUtilities – Regulated GasVolatility – Leveraged VolatilityBond – High Yield Bonds
13Oil & Gas E&PCommunications equipment, miscEquity – Asia Pacific EquitiesEquity – MLPs
14Specialty RetailFinancial Data & Stock ExchangesEquity – Large Cap Blend EquitiesEquity – Japan Equities
15Medical DevicesIndustrial Organic ChemicalsEquity – Industrials EquitiesEquity – Commodity Producers Equities
16Consumer ElectronicsScientific & Technical InstrumentsEquity – Global EquitiesEquity – Building & Construction
17Credit ServicesBusiness services, miscVolatility – VolatilityMulti-Asset – Mid Cap Blend Equities
18Aerospace & DefenseREIT – Healthcare FacilitiesEquity – China EquitiesMulti-Asset – Target Retirement Date
19Communication EquipmentMotor vehicle parts and accessoriesEquity – Small Cap Blend EquitiesEquity – Consumer Discretionary Equities
20Electrical Equipment & PartsMetal FabricationCommodity – Oil & GasBond – Mortgage Backed Securities

*- Surge data is based on the average traffic from the past two days compared to the average traffic from the previous market week.

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