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2020 has been a catalyst-driven and somewhat chaotic year for markets, but with that has come opportunity for traders and investors who have been looking in the right places.

For example, despite their respective dips this past March, Tesla (TSLA) and Apple (AAPL) have both performed stock-splits, been upgraded multiple times over, and have both outperformed the S&P 500 by impressive multiples.

For those who wish to be provided with further insight, Tesla was recently listed on the S&P 500, and Apple has launched multiple new products this year despite the setbacks seen in the global economy.

Considering both Tesla and Apple are equities which are specific to the technology sector, it may come as no surprise that technology has been the hottest sector of 2020, and I believe it will be the hottest sector in the stock market in 2021 and beyond.

The catalysts behind well-established technology stocks and up-and-coming publicly traded technology companies are hard to ignore… and one could say the profit potential for 2021 and beyond could be unlimited.

To add to our thesis, the technology sector has been featured as a top-ranking sector on what we call “Wall Street’s Watchlist,” or verified financial professional research…

There’s more to look forward to in the technology sector than simply Tesla and Apple, however.

In 2020 alone we’ve witnessed smaller technology stocks such as Nio Inc (NIO), Snapchat (SNAP), Pinterest (PINS) and Workhorse Group (WKHS) increase by 100% or more… on the stock.

But many of the best traders in the world are too intelligent to be trading stocks these days, regardless of their bullish or bearish stances on individual securities.

There is a low-risk and simple way to leverage your money when trading which can give you a significantly higher return on your money than buying or shorting stocks.

And this can be done in a shorter amount of time with less capital required to make your moves.

This trading vehicle is options, and the details we’ve mentioned are part of why our featured trader actively trades options.

With the impressive moves which have taken place in the technology sector in 2020, it may come as no surprise to you that some of 2020’s highest-yielding swing trades have been made by trading stock options on technology stocks.

Technology stocks can also be found in the semiconductor industry, which you’ll notice is ranking #7 in top searched industries by financial professionals…

TrackStarIQ Data

Here are some highlights from FA searches this week…

RANKTOP INDUSTRY (EQUITIES) BY FAs (Total Traffic) – This Past WeekTOP INDUSTRY (EQUITIES) BY FAs (Surging Traffic) – This Past Week TOP SECTORS/CATEGORIES (ETFs) BY FAs (Total Traffic) – This Past WeekTOP SECTORS/CATEGORIES (ETFs) BY FAs (Surging Traffic) – This Past Week
1BiotechnologyResidential ConstructionEquity – Large Cap Growth EquitiesEquity – Inverse Equities
2Software – ApplicationGamblingEquity – Leveraged EquitiesEquity – Building & Construction
3Auto ManufacturersCommunication services, miscEquity – Technology EquitiesEquity – Emerging Markets Equities
4ConglomeratesSpecial industry machinery, miscEquity – All Cap EquitiesBond – Total Bond Market
5Drug Manufacturers – Specialty & GenericWaste ManagementEquity – Health & Biotech EquitiesEquity – Mid Cap Growth Equities
6Software – InfrastructureServices-Personal ServicesCommodity – Precious MetalsEquity – Europe Equities
7SemiconductorsMedical and hospital equipmentEquity – Alternative Energy EquitiesVolatility – Volatility
8Residential ConstructionTurbines and turbine generator setsEquity – Consumer Discretionary EquitiesEquity – Foreign Small & Mid Cap Equities
9Internet Content & InformationServices-Motion Picture TheatersVolatility – Leveraged VolatilityMulti-Asset – Diversified Portfolio
10Diagnostics & ResearchSpecialty Business ServicesEquity – Small Cap Growth EquitiesEquity – Foreign Large Cap Equities
11Specialty RetailUtilities – DiversifiedEquity – MaterialsEquity – Transportation Equities
12Electrical Equipment & PartsOrdnance & Accessories, (No Vehicles/Guided Missiles)Equity – Energy EquitiesMulti-Asset – Small Cap Blend Equities
13Consumer ElectronicsMotors and generatorsVolatility – VolatilityEquity – All Cap Equities
14Internet RetailMotion picture and video productionEquity – Industrials EquitiesVolatility – Leveraged Volatility
15Scientific & Technical InstrumentsIndustrial Metals & MineralsEquity – Large Cap Blend EquitiesCommodity – Commodities
16Specialty ChemicalsSubdivisers and developers, miscEquity – Asia Pacific EquitiesEquity – Small Cap Value Equities
17Aerospace & DefenseReal EstateEquity – Financials EquitiesAlternatives – Long-Short
18EntertainmentBusiness ServicesEquity – Global EquitiesBond – High Yield Bonds
19Oil & Gas E&PComputer integrated systems designCommodity – Oil & GasCurrency – Currency
20Medical DevicesOil & Gas Refining & MarketingCommodity – Leveraged CommoditiesCommodity – Oil & Gas

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