Winners and losers


Mitt Romney and other conservative Never-Trumpers.

CNN, MSNBC, NYT, WaPo, etc. No, they didn’t exaggerate.

Intellectuals with TDS

Biden—He has enhanced moral authority to get things done. Recall LBJ after the Kennedy assassination.

Black Lives Matter (If you can’t see systemic racism in the kid glove treatment of that white mob, there’s nothing I can do to help you.)

Wall Street

Xi Jinping (we lose some of the moral high ground)


Trump and his family

Cruz, Hawley, Pence and the rest of the Trump lapdogs

Fox News and the National Review

Right-wing intellectuals who claimed they focused on “the issues”, not Trump’s “bad manners”. Those who mocked Trump’s critics for being unhinged. The universities where they teach and the think tanks where they sell your services. I’ve gotten a wheelbarrow full of junk mail from these places over the past 4 years. Pathetic defenses of Trump.

A dead DC police officer and 4 dead protestors

Putin (seen by the Dems as having helped Trump get elected.)

PS. I just saw Trump’s hostage tape concession speech, and broke out laughing. He started lying 10 seconds into the speech (when he claimed that he immediately called out the National Guard), and lied all the way through.

PPS. Another day with more than 4000 reported deaths. But then Trump says the numbers are fake.

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