This AI advertising stock just tripled

Most of our TrackstarIQ searches center around the big names.

You know, AMC, Tesla, Justin Beiber.

Yet every so often, it catches a rare gem worth a look.

And given the news surrounding Alfi Inc (ALF), it’s no surprise to see both retail and institutional advisors sit up and take notice.

An agreement between Alfi and All-Niter puts Alfi’s flagship AI-driven digital tablets in the hands of 10,000 Uber and Lyft drivers nationwide.

And that’s just the start for the young company out of Miami Beach.

Marketing plus privacy

Most digital marketing efforts rely on cookies, information saved by your browser or device that stores information about you.

There are first-party cookies that are placed on the site you visit and third-party cookies placed by advertisers to see what you’re interested in (and these follow you around the internet).

Over time, this has lead to the annoying cookie popups requiring you to agree to the tracking.

In general, it’s assumed that cookies will probably disappear in the near future.

Rather than use your personal data, Alfi works with AI models that use everything from facial cues to real-time analytics without storing your personal information.

Their go to market strategy centers on four key ares:

  • Airports and mall kiosks
  • Rideshare tables
  • Enterprise software SAAS
  • Data analytics subscriptions

The digital display advertising world is rife with the competition including major players such as Facebook (FB) and Google (GOOGL).

But there’s a catch…

And a rather big one.

As of March 31, 2021, Alfi had $96,021 cash on hand with a run rate of $500,000.

For the less mathematically inclined, that means they’ll be out of money…about now.

Which is why the company went public in May, raising about $17.8 million.

That puts them in a decent position to roll out their trials and potentially secure the business’s future.

In their recent presentation, they were targeting 100,000 rideshare networks by 2025. So, the recent news comes as a key development.

Within that presentation, they call out Q4 2021 as an ‘inflection point to profitability.’

Our hot take

With a potential market size of $600 billion (according to Alfi), there’s plenty of room to make waves.

Their products and ideas hit all the right trends.

Whether they work well for marketers at a large scale remains to be seen.

Recent price action will probably abate in the coming months.

But this is certainly one to keep on your radar for news and developments.

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