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NanoVibronix Inc Spikes Monday

NanoVibronix Inc (NASDAQ: NAOV) shares took off out of the starting blocks Monday.

The Elmsford, New York-based company, a medical device company that produces the UroShield® and PainShield® Surface Acoustic Wave Portable Ultrasonic Therapeutic Devices, today announced that The Journal of Medical & Surgical Urology is publishing an article with overwhelmingly positive findings from a study of patients that used its UroShield in real world settings.

“This independent study is further proof of the effectiveness and applicability of our UroShield device in reducing the incidence of urinary tract infections and the pain and discomfort caused by urinary catheters,” stated CEO Brian Murphy.

“As we would expect, the patient experiences in the study were statistically significant, with all responding patients reporting that our device was simple, easy to use and materially benefitted them. The patient experiences were so profoundly positive that 100% of the study’s participants are continuing to use the device following the conclusion of the study.”

For the study, 23 patients with reoccurring UTIs were offered to use UroShield for a minimum period of 12 weeks. Objective and subjective measures of improvement were recorded every week, including the number of UTIs, antibiotic treatment, catheter blockage and changes, bladder washout, hospitalizations or nurse visits due to UTIs, level of pain, sleep and mobility.

In the findings, patients reported a significant decrease in the number of UTIs and antibiotic treatment, had fewer catheter blockages and catheter changes and pain was reduced significantly by the end of the study.

NAOV shares spiked 29 cents, or 11.1%, to $2.90.

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