The Metaverse Is About To Breakout, $RBLX Will Guide You

The NFT space is buzzing once again thanks to Visa entering the ring and buying a crypto punk, jPEG, for $150,000. This comes days after Arizona Iced Tea buys and joins the Boared Ape Yacht Club. See their official tweets below:


Indeed, we are only getting started in the Metaverse, and this form of marketing, digital art, is not only genius but could pan out to be a very savvy investment. My kids are being trained as I type, collecting rare items in the $RBLX metaverse. Now I do the same in real life with my rare jpegs in Opensea. One day these two worlds will collide, it’s actually happening now. It would be a shame if you did not find yourself with a rare art piece from 2021.

I understand some will never buy an expensive jpeg, aka an NFT. For those that won’t, you can always participate in the upcoming metaverse phenomenon via Roblox. This is your metaverse leader with kids, and is on the cusp of a major breakout:


I went long on Monday as it hit scan and started to flip some key levels. Indeed, the Momentum scanner lit up like a Christmas tree to start the week, there were a bunch of goodies: (CLICK HERE FOR CHARTS) – ENJOY!

  • $RBLX target $120.
  • World of Women Jpeg floor target 100ETH

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