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Nvidia Surpasses 1,000,000 Pageviews In Trackstar

Proprietary Data Insights

Top Stock Searches This Month

Rank Ticker Name Searches
#1 NVDA Nvidia 1,022,572
#2 AAPL Apple 356,092
#3 TSLA Tesla 338,047
#4 AMZN Amazon.com 249,218
#5 GME Gamestop 208,503
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Nvidia Surpasses 1,000,000 Pageviews In Trackstar

Usually, it’s a somewhat close race. 

However, Nvidia (NVDA) has made Trackstar history, with more than 1 million pageviews across our 100+ financial media partners. Even number two Apple (AAPL) doesn’t come close. 

The data you see at the top of the page measures search interest among all investors. But the story is basically the same if you narrow it down to financial professionals only. 

There might not be a better example of buy on weakness. Of buy when other people are afraid. When other people are questioning the future of artificial intelligence or NVDA’s growth prospects in the space. 

Despite some scary drops here and there over the course of the year, NVDA is up roughly 166% YTD and around 200% over the last year. 

We’ll talk more about NVDA another day, but today let’s focus on Trackstar

One of the benefits of signing up for our newsletters is access to Trackstar, which we like to call our proprietary sentiment indicator. Trackstar tracks search interest among everyday investors as well as financial professionals across top financial media platforms. The power of this data helps us bring you stock and ETF ideas you might have otherwise missed. 

While NVDA is a no-brainer today, it’s not merely the winner of a popularity contest. 

More than a year ago, we wrote this:

Over the last month, NVDA did something that once looked impossible. Among retail investors, it became the second most searched stock only behind Tesla (TSLA), passing third place Apple (AAPL) by a whopping 74,371 views …

To be honest, those top slots in Trackstar tend to be the least illuminating. They rarely change. So what Nvidia pulled off matters. In a big way.

Again, that was one year ago. 

At the time, we thought it was “a big deal” to see NVDA merely edge out TSLA and AAPL. At the moment, NVDA is generating 666,480 more pageviews than number two AAPL. And 684,525 more pageviews than number three TSLA. 

So what NVDA has done over the course of the last year more than matters. It’s pretty mind-blowing really. 

The beauty and value of Trackstar is that watching NVDA surge and TSLA and AAPL trade places in 2024 proves that our database has its finger on the pulse of investor search interest. With these big names, it tracks and tells a story, reaffirming hot trends and things we pretty much already know. 

Equally as important, the fact that Trackstar can be so on the pulse over time with the market’s biggest names lends confidence to its ability to uncover new and different ideas. If Trackstar sentiment tends to align perfectly with the ups and downs of the biggest names, what can it tip us off to with tickers you don’t see on CNBC every single day? 

At The Juice, we use Trackstar in many ways. Primarily, we do it to uncover ETFs you might want to consider as additions to your portfolio. ETFs that can help you diversify around your core holdings. 

An edition of The Juice from earlier this month makes for a great place to start to see how we do this and to take a look at some ETF ideas. In that installment, we also used Trackstar to find an AI Growth Stock With A Solid Dividend that flies under the radar. Trackstar brought it to our attention. 

Our sister newsletter, The Spill, focuses considerably more energy using Trackstar to find ideas. The Spill constantly monitors and mines Trackstar to look for the stocks and ETFs investors, including financial advisors, are searching for with higher-than-usual volume. When it finds a compelling name, The Spill writes about it and gives its opinion. 

Use this link to scroll through The Spill’s archives to see what we mean. In a recent edition, The Spill gave a 9/10 rating to an energy stock, in part because it saw increased interest in the stock among financial pros. Trackstar puts stocks and ETFs on our radar, then we put them on your radar. 


The Bottom Line: We live in a world where data rules pretty much all aspects of our lives. Sometimes this can be creepy. However, for investors, it’s one of the reasons we’re living in the golden age. The Juice and The Spill will continue to use Trackstar to help uncover stocks and ETFs that might not otherwise make it to your watchlist. 

When you subscribe to our newsletters, you receive a quarterly report with Trackstar insights on the most popular and surging stocks, ETFs and industries. So sign up for both newsletters if you’re not already and tell a friend. 

Please use the feedback link at the bottom of the page to let us know an area of the market where you’d like us to arm you with a stock or ETF idea. We’ll ask Trackstar for some help.

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